We offer number of introductory and Premium services for our clients


Search Engine Optimization-

Get your page found by your viewers and become their 1st and only go to source for your products and content.

seo services
the google rankings dance…not for the faint hearted but worth it for the payoff

A lot of the techniques we discuss below, all aid in your SEO campaign, but without a great foundation, and a guide for where to go with your marketing and advertising, you may be targeting the wrong areas as your customers.


Get your business out in front of new viewers-seo gets people who are looking for you to find you-but what if they don’t know anything about you or your service? Well then we can educate them to your business via marketing.

We are currently pushing video marketing as hard as we can for ourselves and clients. Although not as cheap, it has been shown to convert higher, with lower bounce rates and greater ROI in the longrun. Below is an example of a business video animation service.

By utilising animated explainer videos, your brand can explain what you do, what it costs, and why its relevant to a customer within minutes!

Huge brands have been using this to not only personalise their company and see better return and interaction, but for B2B companies perhaps offering a complex service, it can be explained easily via this medium!

animated explainer videos
Soon all content will become video online-its just so effective in your marketing strategy!

Social Media-

Gary Vaynerchuk is a marketing guru. Within 5 years he took his parents discount liqour store and turned it into a multi million dollar business.


Via social media.

social media examples
so many viewers, so many potnetial customers, all being interacted with- so why isnt your business interacting with them?

By humanising his brand, people become associated and connected, and trust your business. It is his assessment that businesses without a social media presence will become obsolete to their competitors by 2015…and we agree

Let us help you create a brilliant brand, but also teach you to monetise via social media!


PPC campaigns-

By using directed, targeted pay per click advertisements, we can utilise your advertsing expense so that it only targets your ideal customers.

Target paid advertising works
Target paid advertising works

If your selling farming equipment to dairy farmers in New York State, you probably shouldn’t be advertising to massage therapists in Canada…correct?

We can not only reduce your costs, we can target the exact customers you need!

We run an number of campaigns, on different channels but our primary focus is via Facebook paid ads. When every man and his dog uses it, it makes sense to target it. It really is the “News Network” of our time.

Content Marketing-

By creating content that is both relevant to what your customers want and need, it helps to increase your SEO search rankings, but more importantly it helps keep your customers on your website, building trust and helping your conversions

By utilising custom made articles, infographics, video marketing, video business animation, PDFs and wikipedia contributions, your site is seen as the abosolute authority on your content!

Repurposing Content-

By taking your previously successful content, and repurposing it into other mediums, we can help your customers on different channels, grow more traffic to you, and also allow customers to access your information easier.

Also an example of an infographic at use ;)
Also an example of an infographic at use ;)


Not only that, some people find different media more accessible-not everyone loves to read pages of text, but a pdf on their phone is accessible anywhere, a video can easily transmit information, and an infographic can turn a previously boring post into a shareable, easier assimilated info piece.

Learn the basics and implement them yourself HERE

Or contact us to discuss pricing of our premium services HERE

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