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Masterminds-And why you should have joined one yesterday!

Digital Marketing Masterminds

There’s a reason why governments, royalty, large scale businesses succeed (Usually)

They are not a single entity.

All those with wisdom, have come to learn that as wise as you may be, it doesn’t hurt to share your problems and council with your peers.

Napoleon Hill pointed this out back in “Think and Grow Rich” which if you haven’t read already, we won’t be annoyed if you run off to read now-just remember to come back!

think and grow rich

Royalty have advisors, Businesses have consultants and governments are lead by leading groups of the community.

Simply because 2 heads are invariably better than 1.


We joined a Digital Marketing mastermind recently to discuss search engine optimisation, website design, different search engines ranking factors, (Did you know Bing’s reach just skyrocketed recently?), Digital Marketing ROI, Email Marketing etc etc

Sometimes simply to discuss how to handle new clients and scale business.

By being around around your peers and not threatened by them, you can help solve problems but also motivate you to push your business further than before.

You may be thinking “Why would you assist each other?”

Well its simple, there are far too many clients out there for even all of us to work with. Our buddy runs an agency performing digital marketing and seo in new zealand, and he has 12 competitors, all doing rather well in his home town-let alone nation wide!

(Don’t tell our mastermind buddies, but we are actually in 5 other masterminds!)


You should never be the smartest person in the room. Otherwise how can you possibly push yourself to achieve more?

Great athletes only get better by competing with those outside of their comfort zone. Only at the edge do you see growth.

We have found that by teaming up with masterminds in different areas of business, we can solve problems we never thought of trying.

By diversifying your group you have access to artists and thinkers who see problems in different ways.

(FYI set this up in your business also if you have a large team-the benefits are staggering) points out that the main benefits to working with a mastermind group are as follows:

  • Exclusive community of minds
  • advice and collaboration
  • extend your network
  • expand your goals
  • get referrals

We have even found clients that would be perfect for our competitors, but were referred to us due to specialities with our skill set.

For instance, we do very well with e-commerce seo, but this can generally be a lot of work involved.

Our mastermind group member specialise in perhaps working with lawyers or dentists, and so refer the e-commerce members to us, and likewise, as good members we will refer clients to them.

Lewis Howes and James Wedmore point out some great points here why YOU should join a mastermind…

Lewis is a former NFL player who got injured and now runs a HUGELY successful online empire, James runs a kick ass video marketing company that just crushes it year on out!

So we decided to help each other out with hints and tips of what seems to be drawing in clients, and more importantly keeping them happy!

To help stoke the fire, we have set a friendly wager to see who can hit a target of $20,000  of revenue in 4 months, from new clients…

A great goal, not too large or too small for you to put the effort in.

With this in mind, a fire has been lit under all of us to compete.

(1 of the members is currently already at $7,000 recurring, which is around 72k per year new revenue!)

With this in mind, we have decided to go into a permission based marketing approach.

In the interest of honesty, we will be releasing a large selection of new content on guest sites and forums to help answer questions, and boost our traffic here.

Reading Jon Morrows it seemed immediately evident that blogging for others sites is a great traffic generation technique.

Not so much for the backlinks as most will be no-follow, but more for access to other sites audience who will be perfect for us.

We have decided to create helpful guides for web designers, in the hope to either gain referrals or links to our content.

Look out for us soon at a number of locations with advanced guides to seo for shopify, pinterest seo for beginners and experts, how to add

(If we have done our research you should find us without having to look!)

A huge helping factor would be if you would leave a comment below of any area of seo, digital marketing or ppc that you struggle with so that we can help answer your questions, and create some great helpful content along the way!

Like all our other content, we like to be actionable

How can I set up my own mastermind?

Great question

Why just join one when you can LEAD one?

Nothing screams authority then those in charge, and authority always bring in traffic and sales!

Step 1

Advertise in your local government forums.

Advertise in local business forums

Simply perform a google search for “forum”+”business keyword” if you want to niche down further

Step 2

Organise a weekly or bi-weekly meet up either via skype or google hangouts

Skype tends to be more private, whereas google hangouts can sometimes allow random members to view/or you can click the wrong button and save a copy of your meeting to your youtube channel

(Not great if discussing clients etc)

Note: We would advise bi-weekly to allow enough time to perform set tasks and goals each time slot)

Step 3

Make sure to set goals and actions to take for each members.

Allow the members themselves to set reasonable goals, and hold each other accountable.

Step 4

Be sure to organise with each other in advance.

Send out hangout requests each week to join each members calendar. There is nothing worse then poor organisation to let this slip

Step 5

Brainstorm with each other new goals and help solve problems


Hopefully this new level of interaction and accountability will help you hit goals you had previously not thought you could reach.

What goals and targets will you set?

The reason we are in so many masterminds is the combined benefit to our current sales has been huge, but not only that, its damn fun!

Let us know how you will use this information, and how you improved in the comments below!

Marketing Basics

So we’ve covered the basics of SEO and how to optimise the SEO for your website.

SEO is about making sure the people who are searchign for you can find you, Marketing is the method of getting people who dont know about you to learn who you are and what you do/make/create


Now lets help cover the basics of Marketing…

Marketing encompasses any technique to help ppl become aware of you (almost like advertising)

In todays current climate, social media marketing is at the peak of interaction. People are involved with social media 10 minutes of every hour each day!

Here we can get access to our customers desires, activities and help fulfill their wants and answer their questions. We can humanise our brand and company.

But digital is not the end all!

But this interaction doesn’t always lead to sales-but it tells us what we need to know to push those sales!

Perhaps you see that your current customers are all attending local charity fun runs?

You could contact the fun runs and offer to help-thus being in the fore front of your customers.

You could even create a small side profit, and get your customers more aware of you. Contact a local screen printing company and organise to get tshirts made for an event perhaps? You could even create your won event like Nintendo does with their EXPO

You would think the event was the end goal, but its another marketing technique, to get their customers more aware of them, and in a buying frenzy for their products! The fact they make money at the event is an added bonus!marketing for events

Or you could even get them made as a free promotion for your customers, and give them away when they make a relevant purchase/interaction/ perform a set task. These are great LEADBAIT

ie an object that fulfills a desire, and gets the customer to perform a task that you set

Marketing covers many forms

Physical products/physical give aways-as seen before with the tshirts

Digital products or services-you business could offer trials or demos of its software

Or a combination of both-you can perhaps use one of them to lead into the sale of the other…just an idea ;)


Lets discuss leadbaits and different marketing techniques in more detail in our series of guides, to be released soon, as well as different methods for you to implement yourself!




SEO Basics + Onsite Foundation

In this post we want to cover the very basics of Search Engine optimisation, what its for, how it works, and how you can use it for your business.

In its most basic explanation- SEO is the process of making your website the most visable in Search Engines, to increase your traffic, and therefore your customers.

Why would we want this?

Generally speaking,

more traffic = more potential customers=more sales=happy business owners!

But how can we achieve this?

It all comes down to a number of factors.

Each search engine available (and there are a few) has different criteria for how it ranks a webpage.

However, Google is currently the frontrunner for most used search software, covering anywhere from 60-90% of search engine users.

(Bizarrely, Youtube is the 2nd biggest Search engine, bigger than all the remaining other options combined! This is why we recommend video marketing so highly!)

So when we perform SEO, in its most basic, we want to try and get it to meet the criteria of Google, so that it is found correctly, in as many channels as possible.

This way, if a customer is searching for your product, or something similar, Google will tell them that you are the best, most informative resource on this subject.

Front page of Googles search engines is proven to have an increased effect on your traffic and sales. The 1st position holders can see almost as much as 60% more increase in traffic!

Its much easier to monopolise your industry, if your the current front runner!


So how to get started

Google, in its current iteration (Which can change monthly) is looking for good content, a great resource, various types of content, as well as interaction with your community.

With that in mind, lets start at the beginning…

Foundation Onsite SEO

This is the process of making your website visable to Google search robots (Think the squids in the matrix but real tiny)

When they look on your page, they can read your text, and to an extent, they can understand its meaning in context-but not amazingly.

They see images as squares with no idea what they contain. Therefore we need to tell them what is in that square… We do this by adding the information to the “meta” and “alt” tags.

Back in the dark ages of google, people would fill these tags with the same keyword as many times as they could. Who ever could fill in the most got 1st place in google….very naughty

Now as the algorithm has updated, it benefits to have great content about your subject instead, and actually only mention your specific keyword between 1-3% of you article (1-3 words for every 100)

What we are trying to say is this-make sure to use all the options you have to let google know your site is about your specific subject-but within reason, so that someone could read it and enjoy the content.

Filling in these meta/alt/img tags will help that and is normally missed by most websites.

Research what your best keywords are-target lsi keywords or longtail to reach as many as your potential customers as possible



Normally your homepage is the highest ranked page due to all traffic going there first.

To improve customer flow, and to help other pages rank, you should also link to relevant pages at the bottom of a post. Such as here, if you didnt have time to maintain your own SEO you should look at hiring a seo professional


This will take you to our services page for instance…and also help our services page grow in pagerank


Social Shares

Some research has found that improving social shares for your site will improve its seo, as well as improve its organic traffic, via recommendations


such as this below..

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